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Delivering Imports to Amazon

All inventory shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers must meet any of the applicable requirements found in the Inventory Requirements help section.

Importer of Record

An Importer of Record (IOR) is required for merchandise entering the United Arab Emirates. The IOR is responsible for:
  1. ensuring the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations
  2. filing a completed duty entry and associated documents,
  3. paying the assessed import duties and other taxes on those goods

Amazon, including their fulfillment centers, will not act as an IOR for any shipment of FBA inventory. This applies to shipments of any size or value, regardless of origin and product.

Non-Resident Importers
Entry of goods into the United States may be made by a non-resident (foreign) IOR. To become a non-resident IOR, please contact your customs broker or carrier for details.

Customs Brokers
Customs brokers are private firms licensed by United Arab Emirates. Customs to prepare and file the necessary customs entries, arrange for the payment of duties owed, arrange for the release goods from Customs custody, and otherwise represent importers in customs matters.

Duties, Taxes, and Shipping Costs
Amazon will not be responsible for or collect any duties, taxes or shipping costs associated with FBA inventory. All shipments are required to use Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), or sometimes referred to as "Free Domicile," shipping terms. Any shipment arriving at an Amazon fulfillment center with collect charges, including any duties, taxes or shipping costs, will be refused without further concession.

Ultimate Consignee
While Amazon will not act as the Importer of Record, DDU the Amazon Seller Central Dubai may be listed as the Ultimate Consignee on your shipping documentation only if the name of the Amazon entity is followed by "in care of FBA." If you list Amazon as the Ultimate Consignee, your customs broker must contact Amazon at in advance of shipping any inventory to obtain the E-Mirsal Code or TR required for customs clearance.

As an Amazon Seller Central Dubai, We suggest you contact DDU Express in advance of shipping any inventory in order to understand fees and requirements.
DDU Shipping and Logistics can assist you in IOR and FBA Deliveries: Contact:
Tel : 00971 588940 371 or click this link for registration : amazone IOR Service
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