Multimodal transport

Service overview

Our customers have been placing their trust in the experience and quality standards of PAF Logistics Services. The Multimodal Transport Services department handles national transports, mainly by rail, Air and Road. The Multimodal Transport Services not only optimises the transport chains, but also reduce time of delivery. The integration of all PAF Logistic locations means that the majority of transported containers are delivered or collected using our own trucks. This guarantees consistently high quality of the supply chain.

Our customers in this transport segment appreciate the advantage of having only one “port of call”.

The benefits of multimodal transport are Competitive edge Depending on your volumes and requirements, Canava brings you the means of transport that is most competitive for your business
Expertise A single contact to provide you with precise information on your freight as well as on any unforeseen events
Traceability Online tracking of your freight in real-time.
Carbon balance A calculation of the carbon footprint is included in every call for tender.
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